Wet Basement Repairs

Wet Basement in Vancouver, BC

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If you notice moisture underneath your home, it is likely that there is a Wet Basement problem. This needs immediate attention and repairs. This type of problem can cause more damage to your home’s interior and exterior. Water can enter a basement through many different ways. Our team of basement waterproofers are experienced, knowledgeable, and trained to assess how moisture can get in the space below your house. Our waterproofing expertise in Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Maple Ridge is backed by over 15 years on the job. We guarantee that we can solve your seepage basement problems so you don’t have to worry about it again.

Various Ways Water Can Enter a Basement

  • Over the top of the foundation
  • Through wall and floor cracks
  • Through a leaking window
  • Up through a clogged floor drain
  • Through the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet)
  • Pipe leaks or plumbing problems

A Leaky Basement Problem: Warning Signs

  • A musty odor can be noticed on the first and 2nd floors of your home. This could be due to dangerous mold or mildew growth.
  • Noticeable areas of un-level or sloping on the first floor
  • There are obvious pools of water in the basement floor
  • Basement water stains
  • Water seepage through cracks in the floor or wall of the home
  • Wood warping, decay and deterioration of floor joists, support beams

Wet Basement

Vancouver Homeowners Need Basement Waterproofing Solutions

We will send a professional waterproofing specialist to your home during your consultation to find the source of the water leak. Once this is done, we can devise a plan of action to stop the moisture from returning to your home.

There are many waterproofing options that we offer. We are confident that your family will never again have to deal under moisture, even during rainy days.

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