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Maple Ridge, Langley, Coquitlam, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Vancouver Basement Wet? Cracks in Your Concrete? Foundation Issues?

Call a pro to do repair adjustments on all sorts of leaking building issues, including wet basements or cracked foundations.

If you have a concern with one of these areas, maybe you aren’t absolutely sure just how bad your issue is, you might make a phone call and talk with us about it. We will be ready to provide you with some assistance right on the phone (778) 887-6014.

We can set up a time to drive over and examine your property and give some helpful recommendations on how to quickly get your predicament corrected.

New World Foundation Repair PROS provides exceptional foundation repair services to residential and commercial spaces. Most small businesses and homeowners don’t think about their foundation. After all, it’s underneath their property, therefore out of sight and mind. However, foundation issues can give you a lot of structural trouble with your home. When you need structural repair, it can be difficult to find a wet basement repair company you can trust.

Here in the Langley, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Vancouver area you can have quality foundation repairs that won’t cost an arm and leg. When you call the PROFESSIONALS, you’re securing the best in structural repair. We’ve performed numerous foundation site repairs in Vancouver and surrounding areas and we’re ready to give you an exceptional level of service. No matter what your maintenance repair needs are, we have you covered.


Our team has the experience you need to find and prevent further structural damage. Whether you have just a few hairline cracks or leaky foundation issues, we can find them and correct them faster than any other local company. Best of all, we offer free estimates on all of our inspections, giving you the confidence, you need to discover foundation problems. You’ll never have to worry about foundation repair costs when you use us!

Anytime we repair your concrete foundations, our work comes with a full warranty. This means you get the very best in local foundation repairs, as well as the peace of mind knowing that future foundation repairs are taken care of. With fast, efficient service and top of the line equipment, you won’t find anyone better than us!

  • Fast Inspections
  • Free Estimates
  • Affordable Rates
  • Experienced Crews
  • Reliable Results
  • 10 Year Warranty

Finding a local quality foundation repair doesn’t have to be difficult. You won’t find another company with the amount of positive reviews than us, at New World Waterproofing, The Foundation Repair Pros. We have the right tools for every job, and can give you the repairs you need every time you call.

When you need the top name in quality foundation repairs, you need to call us. From fast, inspection estimates to lifetime transferable warranties, you’ll never have to worry about an under-performing home foundation again.


Foundation problems can take many different forms. However, no matter what problems you face with your foundation, none of them are good news. Call us when you experience:

Foundation Cracks

House Leveling Problems

Settling Issues

Pier and Beam Foundation Problems

No matter what your home needs, we can repair it fast!


Cracks in the foundation of your home may not be so obvious, but other warning signs are. We want you to be prepared by giving you information you need to be prepared. Direct results of foundation settling issues are doors sticking or not latching at all, cracks around your windows and doors, sticking or stubborn windows, and cracks in your flooring. When your home is showing these types of problems, you likely have foundation settlement issues. This is when you need to call us.

Have you experienced some sagging or uneven floors in different areas of your home? Are objects sliding down your table when you set them down? Pictures refusing to stay straight when hung up on your wall? Your home may be sinking into a weak foundation. When your home begins to level incorrectly, you need help raising up your home and repairing your concrete slab.

Over time, moisture and soil can give way, causing your home to sag or sink. If ignored or neglected, your home could experience significant damage.  Don’t wait until it’s too late; have us fix your foundation today!