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New World Waterproofing proudly offers a top-rated rubber surfacing solution in heavy traffic areas. Rubber Stone, made from recycled tire rubber and available in various colors, is made from recycled tire rubber that would otherwise go to landfills all over BC and Canada. The product is customizable to meet specific safety and aesthetic needs.

Using high-strength binders combined with recycled rubber granules, Rubber Stone is hand troweled on top of various surfaces to create a robust, safe, and environmentally-friendly solution to traditional paving methods.

Rubber Stone can be installed in many areas, including driveways and garages, pathways, paths, decks, gyms, and other places.

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New World Waterproofing is the right company to call if you’re looking to rubberize your driveway. With our top-quality products and professional equipment, we will install the rubber surfacing you have always wanted.

Are you unsure of what you want or if this is the right choice for you? Talk to the driveway experts. We are also available to assist you with any other repairs. 

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New World Waterproofing will do everything possible to provide you with a suitable surface. The rubber surfacing is a durable driveway option that will keep everyone happy and safe. With our team of professionals, we can handle any project with professionalism. We are available to answer any questions. Get in touch with us to learn more.